People are the sensors of your organization indicating the climate and moods inside the team and the environment around your business. 

It is important to see and hear what people are experiencing right now. Surveys that are conducted once a quarter or even more seldom do not serve the purpose in today's fast-changing world. Moticheck's unique continuous employee experience monitoring helps you to navigate through transformation and in fast growth.

With annual or quarterly surveys you may find that:

Running an annual survey is an administrative burden with little profit in it

Most surveys are static and do not provide any trends

There is a timing risk with most of the surveys. You may hit exceptionally good or bad times and get misleading information

Surveys are conducted according to calendar not according to a need in a team

People who are on a leave or vacation miss out, they can't have their say

Indexes (eNPS, ESI...) mask the problems and are difficult to read and explain

People ignore surveys because they gain little if anything at all

Answering many questions is painful and time consuming. Not engaging

Asking few question and having a narrow focus returns few answers and a lot of guessing

HR teams come usually up with questions that are relevant to ... HR and other admin teams. Production or sales may face other challenges. There are many blind spots

It is challenging to reach employees working offline or remotely

Employees cannot access team's results and are dependent on managers and HR support

No worries, Moticheck can deal with them all. Yes, all!

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Moticheck is a management tool that gives you an overview of the current state the employee experience and shows any changes in real time. See how it involves people and how it delivers to support your growth. Get answers to your questions and find out how Moticheck can help you in your challenges.

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