Custom Onboarding Questions and Categories


We are excited to introduce an enhanced Onboarding category functionality in Moticheck. The Onboarding questions are asked from employees whose start date is within the past 30 days. The first communication with them is delayed by 3 days to enable them to settle in, get access to all tools and systems, etc.

Administrators can deactivate the Onboarding category or deactivate and activate the questions in it according to needs.

But also, administrators can add their own company-specific questions to the category and they can even create additional onboarding categories This enables you to track the new recruit experience according to the specific onboarding process applied in the organization.

It is important to note that onboarding questions and categories behave differently to the rest of the catalog questions of Moticheck. The onboarding categories and questions in a category are asked in the order they are created.

Admins can deactivate both categories and questions. In this case, the category or question is skipped. In addition, it is possible to modify the name of the category and rephrase the questions.

It is important to consider the order of the questions when adding new categories and questions to the onboarding monitoring functionality of Moticheck.

This functionality is created to maximize your new recruit experience and to speed up the onboarding as well as to support your leaders in onboarding new staff members.