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Working remotely is common in Asia

As I write these lines, the distance to my employer is 9,000 km. A year-long experience has fully confirmed the ...
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Moticheck powering remote work

We are proud to team up with in recognizing the best Estonian organizations enabling and facilitating remote work. The ...
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Slack integration is here!

Big news for all Moticheck users! We have added Slack integration to Moticheck. This means that Moticheck users can choose ...
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Employer branding

Does your employer branding need continuous employee experience monitoring?

Employer branding is an active process that promotes the values that you represent as an employer. To existing employees and ...
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How to support your team in anxious times?

The two-year health crisis showed signs of a long-awaited decline. However, the boredom and fatigue of acting in a long-term ...
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EBS Satelite #28

February 2022 In a recent episode of the EBS podcast, we talk with experienced human resources manager Hels Mikkal about ...
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The personnel survey as a management tool and what to do with the results?

Conducting a personnel survey in a company is a forward-looking decision to find out what employees think and how committed ...
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Calculating a HR tool ROI and making soft items hard to ignore

In running a business, “soft items” may have much more value than the ‘“real things”. But to understand it and ...
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Soon new recruits are hired from your team, if leadership quality is not addressed

In the labour market, especially in the start-up scene, there is a relentless struggle for talented employees. New recruits are ...
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Engagement survey, satsifaction survey, managment tool

How to conduct effective staff surveys?

There may be various reasons for conducting personnel surveys, starting from the desire to significantly involve people in management processes ...
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Retaining employees in the booming market

Moticheck was live at KUKU Radio, where we talked about how to keep employees while the economy is booming. The ...
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International Boss Day

Developing the employee's experience and management quality is our mission. Here we discuss these topics on the Raadio 2 program ...
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How does a company benefit from personnel surveys and how does employee involvement bring success?

The customer is mostly asked for feedback after each purchase. How well a company does depends on how satisfied the ...
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Moticheck is now a PARE member!

Moticheck is now a proud member of PARE, the Estonian Association of Human Resources Professionals! PARE is one of the ...
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Äripäeva podcast

Employee surveys. Why? How? What?

It was an extraordinary privilege to talk with Kai Miller from portal and with Kristina Palm from the Unemployment ...
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Management quality is a competitive advantage

Why is there a growing need for managers to monitor the “temperature” of their members on a daily basis, how ...
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Employees have a lot to say…

We talked about managing and listening to people on Äripäev Radio. People in an organization are like sensors - they ...
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Big data arrives to the field of human resource management. Are the indices dead?

Let's start from an earlier time. I'm thinking of a time when we don't go to work yet. The time ...
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Can you hear me, boss? Instead of an annual satisfaction survey, ask an employee one question each day

Last spring, I had the opportunity to see a shift in the attitudes of global business leaders. I saw an ...
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