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aurora women's club

Future Of Work: AI, Employee Experience & Leadership Insights | Aurora Women’s Club

We were delighted to host the Aurora Women's Club for a special podcast recording at the Moticheck office. This event featured ...

Pille Parind-Nisula – What would Aidan do? As an AI mentor.

Pille Parind-Nisula is a manager with long-term international experience whose heart is to mentor people. Both with a person-to-person approach, ...
your culture, your Moticheck

Tailor Your Moticheck: Unleash Innovative New Features!

In today's rapidly evolving workplace, understanding and enhancing the employee experience is paramount for any organization. Welcome to Moticheck—the ultimate ...
martin rajasalu @melt

Modern Business-Columbuses Are Ready for Artificial Intelligence

"Someone who does not read has no advantage over someone who cannot read." This was supposedly said by Mark Twain ...

What Is the Cost of Overlooking the Quiet Quitters?

Pille Parind-Nisula writes in the recent Fontes publication that "Quiet quitters" and mediocre performers have a more significant impact on ...

Martin Rajasalu: AI Is No Longer a Toy

Estonia is not at the bottom of the ranking in the use of artificial intelligence, or AI as we know ...

A Customer Story: A Happy and Satisfied Employee Is the Heart of a Successful Organization

In our volatile, unstable, and rapidly changing world, all organizations face dizzying challenges. How to achieve the most effective, flexible ...
eligble for a training?

Is Your Team Eligible for Training?

Picture this: 10, 50, 250 people sitting in a training room, looking out of the window, paying no attention to ...
PARE leadership development work group

Kai Saard: What Does Good Leadership Mean?

Moticheck is a proud member of PARE. PARE is a community for HR professionals with a mission to improve work-life ...
MR in the office

Surfing on the Crest of a Wave

Estonia is making the most of its small size as its startups ride the artificial intelligence boom to the forefront ...
moticheck turnes 3

Celebrating Three Years of Innovation: Moticheck’s Journey in Transformative Leadership

Three years ago, Moticheck embarked on a mission to redefine leadership engagement and revolutionize corporate strategies. With a bold vision ...
Pile Parind-Nisula in radio show

Unlocking Leadership Excellence: Insights from the Leadership Audit Radio Program

At Moticheck, we believe in the power of insightful discussions that pave the way for transformative leadership. Recently, our CGO, ...
Pille Parind-Nisula

Nurturing Workplace Well-Being: Whose Role is it Anyway?

A decade ago, it was not the norm for leaders to tackle mental health problems in the workplace. But now, ...
innovation at horizon

Innovation on the Orizon Is Actually at Your Fingertips

In the realm of modern management, we've witnessed the ascent of soft topics. Soft values here don't revolve around the ...
HrxTech conf

Moticheck’s AI-Powered Leadership Mentor in Spotlight at HRxTech

We had the pleasure of presenting Aidan, our AI-powered leadership mentor at the HR tech conference. We must admit, it's ...

Ideas On How To Address Innovation in an Organization

Imagine the your team comes up with 100 improvement ideas. How much would you save on costs? How much productivity ...
proactive leaders

Mentor Aidan Backs Leaders´ Proactive Management Style

Would you trust the advice given by AI? It's easy to fill your business days with stuff landing on your ...
robot reading

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Jobs: Creating Opportunities and Shaping Roles

In the realm of artificial intelligence (AI), a whirlwind of uncertainty, anxiety, and eager anticipation persists. The apprehension about AI ...

Q: What do you do in Porto in July? A: Build a startup company!

Last week saw a finish line of the European Innovation Academy 3 weeks program that brought together more than 600 students ...
European Innovation Academy

Moticheck is Empowering 700+ Students and Numerous Mentors in Porto in the European Innovation Academy Program, 2023.

Moticheck is excited to announce its participation in the renowned European Innovation Academy program, scheduled to run from July 16th ...
online meeting

Customer Experience: How to Successfully Implement Moticheck

Since joining Moticheck as a leadership consultant and trainer this spring, my primary task has been to conduct comprehensive interviews ...

Gotta love the VUCA world: Unleashing HR’s Superpowers in a World of Endless Possibilities!

In the era of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (shortly VUCA), organizations face challenges like never before. But do not ...

“AI at work”, with Gary Fowler on June 13th

Join us in the GSD Venture Studios Silicon Valley Tech and AI podcast with the venture capitalist, entrepreneur, and host Gary Fowler! This ...
Aidan, AI-powered mentor

Say hello to the next-level management tool. Say hello to Aidan!

Please meet Aidan, the newest addition to Moticheck’s team. Aidan is a business advisor and a mentor with an extreme ...

Moticheck extends its services to management training and consulting by partnering with Agne Puusaar

Since March, we have expanded our core team with an experienced leadership consultant, coach, and trainer Agne Puusaar. In the ...

Moticheck is featured in the HR tech coverage in DigiPRO

According to Startup Estonia, there are a total of 1,449 start-up companies in Estonia today, of which 253 deal with ...
Employee experience and leadership tool

Employee experience monitoring instead of engagement survey

"Get ready for unprecedented change," the HR opinion leaders promise as if we hadn't already experienced enough of these changes ...
Employee experience and HR support tool

Are you as a manager on the hunt for a better employee feedback survey? Should you go for employee experience monitoring or a traditional employee survey?

According to the Gallup Q12 global employee survey, only 20% of people thrive at work, 62% are indifferent, and 18% ...

What’s eating a CHRM? A short report from an HR hackathon

Hackathons are great. You get to meet lots of new faces, and the events are very charged. There is a ...

Discussing the leadership and employee retention challenges live on the Public Broadcasting Radio

Last Friday we visited Estonian Public Broadcasting Radio to talk about #quietquitting #greatresignation #motivation #employeeengagement #employeeexperience, and #leadership challenges, and of course Moticheck tech as a vitamin for ambitious ...

Moticheck EX monitoring is nominated as HR Solution of The Year

Cool! Moticheck has been nominated as HR Solution of The Year at the EHRS Summit HR Solution of The Year ...
avg 12 22

People who love their jobs do not hate Mondays.* One year of Moticheck Global Averages

Exactly one year ago, in January 2022, we started calculating the global averages of Moticheck customers every month. Most Moticheck ...

Turning quiet quitters into the pioneers

For companies, continued growth has turned out to be more complicated. The management has to look into the mirror and ...
VUCA world

Livin’ la vida VUCA. How to survive and thrive as the leader of people and culture?

VUCA world. Volatile. Uncertain. Complex. Ambiguous. Yes, this is the world we are living in. Recent years have proven that ...
top 100

Moticheck is among the top 100 innovative companies in CEE

Vestbee, the biggest matchmaking platform for startups, VC funds, angels, accelerators, and corporates lists Moticheck among the top 100 Startups ...

Moticheck’s Jun Abo to open the 5th Philippine HR Assembly

The 5th Philippine HR Assembly will be held this week in the Philippines, attracting thousands of HR managers and industry ...
jun abo 2

Moticheck adds focus to the Philippines

In our quest to add more focus in the Philippines, we proudly present a new partnership with Jun Abo, a ...
Stonks event

GSD Venture Studios demo day, Nov. 4

Moticheck is looking to raise seed capital to go global. We have been participating in the GSD VS Labs for ...
Teams MC

Introducing Microsoft Teams integration

This is big! We have launched the Microsoft Teams bot to introduce a new channel for monitoring employee experience daily ...
HR Tech Evolution

We were live in Gary Fowler’s show speaking about leadership and employee retention challenges

Gary Fowler, the CEO, President, and Co-Founder of GSD Venture Studios talks to entrepreneurs from all corners of the world ...
one-to-one meeting

My playbook on the quiet quitting, chapter one

The great resignation and the quiet quitting are the hot topics in 2022. Would these be mysteries for us if ...
mental health

Mental health needs immediate attention!

The audit firm Deloitte conducted a 2021 Employee Mental Health Survey* in England involving 40,000 employees from 114 companies and ...
Pille Parind-Nisula Moticheck

The change management masterclass: why startups should map working life daily

Working at a startup can be compared to a rollercoaster ride. Everyday life includes changes and upheavals that team members ...

Moticheck is in the GSD Labs accelerator with 11 startups to #GoGlobal

GSD Venture Studio’s 15-week accelerator, GSD Labs has just launched yet another cohort of future unicorns. Challenging times require innovative ...
startup of the month

Moticheck is a startup of the month!

Vestbee, the biggest matchmaking platform for startups, VC funds, angels, accelerators, and corporates in CEE has listed Moticheck as a ...

Moticheck gets selected for GSD VS Accelerator

Moticheck is taking part in the GSD VS 15-week-long accelerator. We are excited to be selected for the GSD Venture Studios accelerator ...

A treasure map for managers: the welfare application of a start-up company makes shy Estonians talk

This time on the blog, we are covering the conversation between Johanna Adojaan and Pille in the Estonian podcast ...

7 reasons why startups should monitor working life daily

Everyday life in startups includes changes and upheavals that team members must adapt to. When managing change in high-growth businesses ...

Working remotely is common in Asia

As I write these lines, the distance to my employer is 9,000 km. A year-long experience has fully confirmed the ...

Moticheck powering remote work

We are proud to team up with in recognizing the best Estonian organizations enabling and facilitating remote work. The ...

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