Management quality is a competitive advantage


Why is there a growing need for managers to monitor the “temperature” of their members on a daily basis, how can you build a culture of feedback in your organization using Moticheck as a management tool, and how can this in turn contribute to a caring, teamwork, transparency and accountability in a growing organization?

Veiko Valkiainen’s podcast focused on these important issues.

“By now, we have been working in constantly changing conditions for more than a year and a half. Both the external environment as a whole and, as a result, the patterns of cooperation and communication within organizations have been upsided. Changing circumstances, in particular the transition to remote work and virtual communication, have placed new and much higher demands on management. Assessing the situation and making decisions about the organization from the perspective of a narrow group of managers is certainly no longer enough. In the midst of change, we need the involvement and ideas of all team members more than ever before to reach more adequate decisions. Therefore, consistent measurement of the team pulse has become an increasingly important topic among managers’ priorities. As a manager, you have a growing need to know what people in the organization feel, need, and wrestle with and value. Otherwise, as a manager, you are, figuratively speaking, driving without knowing how fast you are going, what the engine’s temperature is, whether the car is technically in order, and whether it’s starting to break down somewhere or has already done so. Today, however, many are in a situation where neither change, expectations, nor experience have been measurably mapped. Thus, continuous measurement of organizational temperature is becoming more important than ever. Existing annual surveys of employee satisfaction and motivation would not be sufficient even without a pandemic, because change is rapid and does not open dynamics. The quarterly approach also does not provide certainty that the information needed to make current management decisions is not out of date. We can only adapt quickly if we have a good daily communication channel with employees, which ideally works seamlessly with our daily work life and gives employees the opportunity to make their voices and opinions heard, like on Facebook or on Instagram.” – Pille Parind-Nisula

Listen to Veiko Valkiainen’s podcast “Management quality is a competitive advantage” here. The podcast is in Estonian.