Our story started from a personal experience

We started to ask questions. People told us what to do

We figured out how to do it

The story of Moticheck?

Well it all started from personal experience as a manager. From a bad experience. Not necessarily unpleasant, but rather pointless. It was tricky to access all the insight that people had with the tools I had.

Running teams in different sizes and locations you often wonder how they are doing. Not only regarding the KPIs, but how they see me and the rest of the organisation, how they feel in the organisation and in their occupational relationships. There are literally hundreds of questions you may come about as a manager. Yet you have very limited resources to ask the questions.

You have your 1:1 meetings, development and 360 sessions, but the time to go through all the aspects of working experience is not there. The time is limited. You have your annual or quarterly employee surveys, but guess what. These become available annually or quarterly, not when needed.

So I started to ask if I’m alone and it turned out that most of the leaders and managers had exactly the same pains I did. And the more questions I asked the more people told me what to do to fix it. 

The solution became evident. Leaders and managers want input that is always up to date and relevant. They want to hear what is actually in their employee’s minds, not how they react on questions originating from corporate strategy. And the employees clearly want to have a fast and engaging channel to provide their input and feedback. Makes sense, doesn’t it!

Teaming up with Progmatic and numerous experts led us to come up with smart and elegant technology. Today we have a unique employee survey solution that is built from a scratch. It has received very positive feedback from the market and it seems to really deliver both to the employees and to the leaders. I’m really fond of the Moticheck story so far. We have all the potential to become the brightest star in the employee survey universe.

Martin Rajasalu, CEO & Co-Founder

Partnership with Progmatic

Moticheck would not exist or be the same without the partnership with Progmatic – the code wizards and tech experts. For Moticheck it was very clear from the beginning that IT skills can not be outsourced. A business idea is nothing without execution. We believe that in a start-up company the IT expertise must be in house. It is not a service that we can buy in. It is the service that we sell. 

Therefore the shared ownership is absolutely right. Developing IT and the business development should go hand in hand. And it does.

Kadri’s story

Out of pure curiosity, I took part in Vali-IT programme at the beginning of the year in order to learn just a bit of coding. We looked into SQL, Java, Vue and some other technologies, which I had never touched before. The organizers told us that within a few months we’ll be all working as developers. I didn’t really believe that back then, but against all odds, and after an excellent internship @Progmatic, I am now building software @Moticheck. Great experience so far 🙂

Kadri Kukk, Developer

Pille’s story

After 15 years spent leading people and managing teams, the mentoring program made me understand that I am passionate about supporting younger and less experienced managers. The same passion made me join the Moticheck team.

This novel tool perfectly presents my values as a manager. We pick up the best people when hiring them, so as a manager we must make it happen that they thrive with us. We need to make sure that their table is set properly. So, we ask how they feel. Not once in a year nor month, but daily. We question not only motivation and engagement, but all the different aspects of working life.

By hiring the smartest guys and not using all the combined wisdom we have within the team we are purely cutting off part of potential success. Let us offer to employees a handy option to leave your comments daily and we can collect hundreds of ideas how to improve. Let all colleagues have a voice.

Ways how and when to communicate in the corporate world were in change even without the pandemic. Remote teams with home offices have become a standard for now. Same as a manager with empathy.

I am greatly motivated to support managers with their teams on their path. Let me help you to listen to your people. 

Pille Parind-Nisula, Customer and Growth Executive

We are small, beautiful and humble. We are constantly learning and developing. And we love our customers.

We thrive for the MAYA – Most Advanced. Yet Acceptable.

We believe that people make or break the business success.

We believe in technology and partnerships.

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