Product news and updates


April 8 2022 – Custom schedules and automated time zones


With our growing customer base around the globe, we have added time zones support to Moticheck. When you travel for work, the time zone of your daily questions will be automatically adjusted after every interaction with the app – whether you reply to questions in the chat bot or check the results in the dashboard. As an administrator, you can edit your organisation’s default time zone via the organisation’s settings. For self-registered customers, the time zone of your organisation will be taken from your browser settings during the registration process.

A few month ago we taught Moticheck to consider your vacation time and pause the daily questions until you’re back in the office. This function operates in the background if Moticheck is connected to the organisation’s HR systems. Now, we have made that option available in the user menu for you as well. You can tell the system that you are off for some time, so that you can fully relax and Moticheck won’t bother you with questions. Just pick the range of dates from the calendar and you’re set for a break.
Additional updates in the release include:
  • Custom date picker and range picker are available on Moticheck
  • Dashboard heat map displays gray circles if no questions have yet been asked from that particular department in a given category. It is handy when a new department has been added to organisation
  • Various improvements in the header, chat bot and the user menu


March 11 2022 – More video support and a data download function now in Moticheck


  • In the first part of March we have been focusing on supporting our new and existing customers. Now there are links to relevant tutorial videos in the self onboarding process and other places where support needs have been identified.
  • In addition we have launched a new functionality for those who would like to extract data from Moticheck to produce custom reports or analyse the data in comparison to their previous people survey results.
  • We have also added a flag to managers to make it easier to notice, if there is someone from their team responding to the onboarding questions.

Other updates in this release include:

  • Only direct managers can mark the feedback comment of his/her team members as “viewed”
  • Improvements of the company card
  • Improvements of the employee segment filter in the manager view
  • Responses to daily questions can be changed, when entering from an email
  • Mobile app menu has been updated


Feb 14 2022 – New languages available in Moticheck


Having welcomed users from Latvia and Lithuania, we have added new languages to Moticheck in order to provide everyone a possibility to reply to daily questions in their mother tongue. As of now Finnish, Latvian and Lithuanian languages are available in Moticheck, on top of already existing English, Estonian and Russian and adding new languages is even easier. Furthermore, admins can now easily limit the list and define the languages available for users.


Other updates in this release include:

  • If only one language is selected as available for a company by the company admins, the language selector is no longer visible in the user menu
  • Ad hoc question text is obligatory in company default language only; all other language texts are optional
  • Onboarding email will be sent only in those languages that the company has enabled
  • Login page improvements for mobile users
  • Improved error handling to manage the cases when a user has been deleted, but still clicks on a button in an old email to reply to a daily question
  • Smaller design fixes in the Onboarding dashboard


Jan 31 2022 – Replying to questions every second day or once a week


At the organisation level the daily questions can be scheduled to:

  • every day
  • every second day
  • every day or once a week
If the third option is selected by the admin roles from the organisational settings, every user can individually choose whether to receive the daily questions every day, as it is currently, or once a week. In case of a weekly option, the user will receive once a week one email/push notification with an invitation to reply to all of his/her questions from the past week in the chat bot during a single interaction.
  • Moticheck starts collecting feedback about the application in order to keep up with the user expectations. Specific labels will be used to let users know that the question is not about the employee experience as such but it is about the Moticheck system user experience.
  • For newly onboarded and inactive users, 2 automatic onboarding reminders will be sent. A first reminder will be sent after three days and the second reminder after ten days from the first onboarding email/text message. A user is considered inactive, if he/she has not chosen the language or replied to any questions.
  • To improve user experience a date picker is available at the company sign-up page and for admin roles in the organisation view to edit employees or insert ad hoc questions.
  • Dashboard will no longer show the company card and the categories card, if there is not enough data.
  • Bug fixes: admin roles can’t delete themselves from the system. Instead the whole organisation should be deleted.


Nov 29 2021 – Vacations and work schedules will be considered when sending daily question


Having occasional time off from work is very important for everyone’s well-being and performance, hence we have started to build functionalities to Moticheck, which can learn about your vacation time and pause the daily questions until you’re back in the office. In the same manner, Moticheck can in the future know about the schedules of the shift workers and collect feedback only during the working days.

Additional updates in the release include:

  • Late night answering option is available (at 22:00) for replying to daily questions.
  • User onboarding will take place in the chatbot if the user does not have an email address.
  • Manager and admin roles can see from the all employees overview page, if an employee has started using Moticheck (green mark shows that the employee has replied to least one question or chosen the language).
  • Latvian and Lithuanian public holidays are considered in the daily questions flow.


Nov 19 2021 – Fully mobile phone based Moticheck

For everyone working remotely, on-the-go, and not in an office environment, we have made available a fully mobile Moticheck. Users can receive a text message to their mobile phones with an invitation to download the Moticheck app from Google Play or App Store.

Following a swift onboarding interaction with the app’s chatbot, the users start receiving their daily questions as push notifications to their mobile phones and can easily reply to these questions in the app. No emails, no desktops needed.

A full list of features in the current release is as follows:

  • Mobile number based authentication.
  • Either email or mobile number should be filled in for every user.
  • Welcome sms to users without emails, with the invitation to download the mobile app from Google Play or App Store.
  • If only a mobile number is provided, daily questions can be received and answered via push notifications and mobile app chat bot.
  • Updated login page for mobile app users with both email and mobile number based authentication.
  • Free text commenting in the chatbot opens up without additional clicks, once the daily questions are answered.
  • A comment to today’s question can be edited in the chatbot throughout the day. It re-opens for editing after every 5 minutes from its last submission.
  • Less repetitions in daily questions, introduction of checks to filter out questions that were asked during the past 6 months and past 1 month.
  • A load more button below the dashboard question cards in order to view all question cards in the scope of the current filter selection.
  • Emojis can be added as free text comments and are subsequently displayed in the dashboard feedback sections.
  • Mobile app updates will occur automatically behind the splash screen.

Nov 17 2021 – Company self-onboarding available on Moticheck

We have made it simple for every team and organisation, big or small, to sign up to Moticheck and start checking your team members’ engagement. You will only need to fill in a short registration form, accept our terms of use, add all your team members and you’re ready to go.

Should you wish to try out Moticheck employee survey solution for a bigger organisation, you can easily build your whole organisation’s structure in our web app.

With the current release, we have made available the following new functionalities:

  • Company self-registration with the following attributes:
  • company sign-up page to insert data;
  • Moticheck terms of use page with the explicit accept button, which triggers the company creation in the system back-end;
  • confirmation email about the registration is sent to the user;
  • automatic routing of the user into Moticheck web app in order to add its first business units and employees;
  • tool tips to guide user in adding new business units and employees;
  • company configuration options enabled for admin roles.
  • Company deletion possibility from configuration options if only one employee and one business unit is left, including confirmation email about the deletion.
  • Dashboard design improvements.

A feedback card can be removed from the dashboard for regular employees and be visible only for manager and admin roles. Admins can configure from company settings, whether the feedback card is shown or not.

Historical weekly periods can be selected from the dashboard filters; all question cards are shown for these weekly periods in a chronological order.