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July 11, 2024 – UI Update, New Export Features, and Custom 30-Day Reports

We’re kicking off the second half of the year with a major update, introducing two brand-new functionalities alongside a series of enhancements.

New Functionalities

Our latest features are designed to enhance leadership capabilities and streamline information sharing for managers.

1. Print and PDF Export for Dashboard Cards

We’ve added print and print-to-PDF options for dashboard cards. This update is particularly beneficial for managers overseeing offline teams, as it allows employee experience monitoring results to be shared easily on paper or on shared information screens.

2. Custom 30-Day Reports for Managers

Managers can now request comprehensive 30-day reports delivered directly to their email. These reports include:

•Aidan’s analytics highlighting the three weakest results with detailed commentary and suggested action points.

•Comparisons with company averages.

•Employee comments.

•Highlights of the best-performing categories based on employee feedback.

These features are designed to support managers in making informed decisions and fostering a productive work environment.

User Interface Improvements

Apart from these two new features, we’ve made significant improvements to the Moticheck user interface:

Enhanced Visuals: We’ve tweaked the colors, highlighting, and fading to create a more intuitive and visually appealing experience.

Improved Manager Monthly Report Setup: The setup process for manager monthly reports has been streamlined and enhanced for better usability.

Inclusive Dialog Enhancements: Aidan’s dialog capabilities have been refined to be more inclusive and engaging.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to enhance our platform to better serve your needs.

June 27, 2024 – Leadership Talk Reviews of the Biggest Updates YTD

Moticheck Leadership Talk, the webinar held on June 27 reviewed the biggest updates year to date and looked at the new development directions.

Please find the recording with English subtitles on our YouTube channel here.

June 18, 2024 – Introducing Custom Onboarding Experience Monitoring

We are excited to announce a new release featuring our Custom Onboarding Experience Monitoring functionality. This update aims to enhance the onboarding process for new employees, their managers, and the entire team, ensuring everyone gets up to speed more efficiently.

New Features

Custom Onboarding Questions

Moticheck users can now:

•Add custom questions to the standard onboarding category.

•Create entirely new categories with specific questions tailored to their needs.

This allows our customers to monitor the employee experience through various stages of onboarding, starting with candidate experience mapping, providing a comprehensive view of the entire onboarding journey.

Enhanced Question Logic

Alongside the new feature, we’ve improved the logic for asking onboarding questions and other catalog questions in edge cases. This ensures that the questions presented are always relevant and timely, enhancing the overall user experience.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to innovate and improve our platform to better serve your needs.

May 30, 2024 – Enhancing Predictive Analytics and Strengthening Security

We are thrilled to share that in May, we dedicated the majority of our development resources to advancing our machine learning predictive analytics capabilities. Our first major achievement is the introduction of a model trained to estimate your team’s expected score in Moticheck. This innovative feature serves as an intelligent benchmark, considering the unique characteristics of your team, and allows you to evaluate your actual score against this prediction.

The beta version of the predictive model is currently available only for administrators. We will expand the functionality to managers and employees once HR experts in admin roles have validated it.

In addition to these enhancements, we have implemented several crucial security and performance upgrades. These improvements ensure a safer and more efficient user experience, allowing you to focus on what matters most—achieving your team’s goals with confidence and precision.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to innovate and enhance our platform!

April 23, 2024 – Enhancing the Process of Gathering Product Feedback

We’re announcing a significant improvement in how we gather invaluable feedback from our users. With this update, we’ve revamped the feedback collection model to enhance user engagement and satisfaction.

Previously, users were prompted with feedback questions instead of the regular catalog questions. Our enhanced model now seamlessly integrates feedback questions alongside regular catalog questions or ad hoc inquiries, creating a smoother user experience.

Feedback is solicited from three key user groups: regular employees, managers, and administrators. This input is instrumental in tailoring system improvements to meet the specific needs and expectations of each user group.

Our new model offers customers greater flexibility in planning the frequency and timing of feedback questions, empowering them to optimize their interaction with the platform. We’ve observed that this flexibility particularly benefits our most active users and discerning customers who actively utilize customization options.

This update reflects our commitment to continuously improving user experience and fostering meaningful engagement with our platform.

April 19, 2024 – Introducing Seamless Free Text Comment Translation with a Single Click

We’re thrilled to unveil our latest enhancement, marking the second consecutive major upgrade. Say hello to the effortless translation of free text comments with just a click. This user-friendly solution empowers seamless communication by instantly translating comments into the language of your choice, directly within the platform.

Available to all users, this feature facilitates transparent collaboration within teams, bridging language barriers effortlessly. It’s a game-changer for cross-border leaders and HR partners, streamlining the process of understanding and engaging with comments in foreign languages.

Activating free text comment translation is as simple as clicking the translation icon on the top menu of the comments card. Translations are automatically saved for future reference, and users have the option to revert to the original text with ease.

Best of all, this powerful feature comes at no additional cost to our users.

In addition to the debut of this exciting feature, we’ve also resolved a bug affecting the Polish language.

April 5, 2024 – Introducing Custom Employee Experience Monitoring, a Game-Changing Update

We’re excited to unveil one of the most significant updates yet in 2024 for Moticheck. Say hello to the monitoring of custom employee experience categories!

Expanded Customization
With this groundbreaking feature, users now have the power to add an unlimited number of custom categories to their catalog, along with the ability to pose an unlimited array of fully automated custom questions. Tailor your employee experience monitoring to precisely match the needs and dynamics of your organization.

Seamless Integration
We’ve seamlessly integrated these custom categories and questions into the Moticheck dashboard, maintaining our renowned standard of reporting and visualization. Now, all your custom data is presented with the same clarity and insight as our standard metrics.

Empowering Insights
With this update, we reaffirm our commitment to making employee experience not just relevant, but actionable and empowering. Empower your leaders with the insights they need to drive meaningful change and foster a culture of continuous improvement.

Experience the future of employee experience monitoring with Moticheck. Thank you for embarking on this journey with us.

March 29, 2024 – Enhanced Performance and Data Protection

We’re thrilled to announce significant enhancements aimed at optimizing your Moticheck experience. Here’s what’s new:

Speed Optimization
With the latest updates, we’ve dedicated efforts to enhance the user experience by significantly boosting the loading speed of both the Moticheck dashboard and the question admin page. Particularly for larger employers, where delays were observed, we’ve implemented reengineered database requests and data loading mechanisms. The result? In some cases, users are experiencing loading times that are more than four times faster, ensuring seamless access to critical information.

Preemptive Data Masking
In our ongoing commitment to data processing principles and data protection, we’ve introduced a feature to automatically mask redundant data. This proactive measure not only streamlines data management but also fortifies our dedication to safeguarding your information.

These updates are pivotal as we prepare for a substantial upcoming release, introducing new features for question management. We remain steadfast in our mission to continuously enhance Moticheck, empowering you with unparalleled tools for optimizing employee experience and leadership insights.

March 22, 2024 – Introducing Moticheck 2.8 for iOS: Elevating Employee Experience

We have had two back-to-back updates to the Moticheck IOS app. In February we updated the front-end components to new versions ensuring bug-free and fast content display.

In March we continued working on improving the continuous functionality of the app in corner cases.  The latest update includes improved push notification token processing and enhanced push notification reliability. Count on Moticheck 2.8 to deliver timely alerts and updates, ensuring seamless communication and engagement across your organization.

January 31, 2024 – New Dynamic Info For Leaders and Admins

We have updated the employee table in the Organization menu. The new dynamic table will display free text tags that are added to employees once available. This feature enables grouping and monitoring special groups of people such as interns, part-timers, or employees in specific project teams. An example use case would be to tag all your project team members so you can follow up on their responses. To add tags, navigate to the employee menu and modify the employee data. You can add an unlimited number of free text tags.

January 5, 2024 – Elevating Your Leadership Experience: Aidan, Your AI-Powered Mentor, Now Open for Versatile Conversations!

About 8 months ago, Moticheck introduced Aidan, the pioneering AI-powered leadership mentor. While Aidan initially focused on providing insightful advice based on employee experience feedback, we’re thrilled to announce a significant evolution in its capabilities.

Meet the Enhanced Aidan: Your All-Encompassing Chat Companion

After months of dedicated training and refinement, Aidan is now equipped to engage in conversations on a wide range of topics. This means you can now connect with Aidan at any time to discuss not only employee feedback results but also any subject matter you find relevant to your leadership journey.

Unlocking Conversations Beyond Employee Feedback

Our commitment to pushing technological boundaries led us to enhance Aidan’s capabilities, transforming it into a versatile chat companion. Now, you have the freedom to pick up the discussion with Aidan on any subject that matters to you, whether it’s leadership strategies, professional development, or team management.

Moticheck’s Dedication to Advancing Leadership Quality

This expanded functionality is a testament to Moticheck’s unwavering dedication to providing cutting-edge technology for organizational growth. We understand the pivotal role leaders play in shaping successful teams, and Aidan’s newfound versatility is geared toward empowering managers with increased confidence in leading their teams.

How to Engage with Aidan

Connecting with Aidan is easier than ever. Simply initiate a chat whenever you feel the need for guidance or insights. Aidan is ready to assist you on your leadership journey, offering support and valuable perspectives tailored to your unique challenges and goals.

We are excited about this evolution in Aidan’s capabilities and are confident that it will further enhance your leadership experience with Moticheck. As always, we remain committed to continuous improvement and innovation to support you in achieving leadership excellence.

Thank you for choosing Moticheck – where cutting-edge technology meets your leadership needs. Start a conversation with Aidan today and explore the possibilities! You activate Aidan in your organization’s setting in Moticheck in an administrator’s role.

December 15, 2023 – Seamless Transition from Phone to Desktop

We’re excited to announce a significant enhancement to your Moticheck experience that’s designed to make your workflow smoother and more efficient. In response to user feedback, we’ve introduced a new feature that simplifies the transition from phone to desktop, ensuring a seamless experience for users who respond to daily questions on their phones but analyze results on desktop devices.

Introducing the Email Link Feature

The highlight of this update is the addition of a convenient button on the Results tab of your phone. This button allows you to effortlessly send a link to your email, enabling you to seamlessly pick up where you left off on your desktop. No more manual logging in – just a single click to bridge the gap between your mobile and desktop Moticheck experiences.

Available to All Users, Tailored for Managers and HR Professionals

The Email Link feature is now available for all Moticheck users. However, we recognize its particular value for managers and HR professionals who often need to review and analyze results on larger screens. This update is tailored to empower these key stakeholders with a more efficient and user-friendly workflow.

How to Use the Email Link Feature

The process is straightforward. When browsing Moticheck results on your phone, simply look for the new email icon prominently displayed at the top of your screen. Clicking this icon triggers the system to send a link to your email, allowing you to seamlessly switch to your desktop device and continue your analysis without missing a beat.

This enhancement is aimed at saving you time and improving your overall Moticheck experience. We hope you find this feature as valuable as we do, and we encourage all users to take advantage of it in their day-to-day activities.

December 8, 2023 – Enhancing Data Clarity

We are happy to bring you the second release of December. We have such momentum that it will probably not be the last one 🙂


We have introduced a feature to provide an enhanced sense of confidentiality to teams where sharing the results or comments by tenure, roles, countries, or teams to all employees is not supported. We see that these features help to focus on what matters and on what employees can act upon limiting the exposure to data that may create noise.

The admins of your Moticheck have access to these options in the Organization settings menu.


December 1, 2023 – Enhancing User Experience

As we embrace the festive season, we’re excited to share our latest product development strides at Moticheck. Our team is dedicated to delivering continuous improvements, and in December, we’re rolling out at least two releases that promise to elevate your experience.

First Release Highlights:

  • Bug Fixes: Our first release is geared towards addressing numerous small bugs, ensuring a smoother and more seamless user experience.
  • Enhanced Usability: We’ve taken a closer look at the dashboard, refining its usability for optimal navigation. The readability of several cards has been significantly improved by simplifying color codes, providing a clearer representation of results compared to the benchmark.
  • Dashboard Revamp: This enhancement extends across all dashboards, including the recruits’ feedback view and the individual dashboard. The latter is specifically designed to assist employees in managing their well-being and development dialogues effectively.
  • Grouping Results: To make our dashboards even more user-friendly, we’ve restructured the grouping of results. This adjustment ensures that newly introduced help texts are not only easier to find but also simpler to interpret.

Technical Updates:

On the technical front, we’ve implemented an update to a new version of third-party software. This ensures the seamless operation of our mobile apps, guaranteeing a hassle-free experience for our users.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments in the coming weeks.

November 17, 2023 – Enhanced focus with super zooming filters

In our November release, we are thrilled to unveil a powerful filter designed to revolutionize the way you track responses to a specific question, providing an enriched dashboard experience.

The new filter allows users to delve into the details of individual questions, offering a comprehensive overview of employee responses over an extended period. Admins and leaders can now analyze responses to a particular question across various departments, roles, and countries, gaining valuable insights.

moticheck filters


Furthermore, this release includes an updated dashboard featuring informative help text that describes the renewed color schemes associated with single-question cards. We have also made enhancements to the overview chart, date picker filter, and the placement of ad hoc question cards.

As part of our commitment to excellence, we’ve addressed bugs affecting the matrix team’s view, ensuring a smoother experience. This update signifies a substantial technical refinement to filters overall, enhancing the functionality of our platform.

October 12, 2023 – Webinar on latest releases and new features

On October 12 we delved into the latest features and improvements released during the last 3 months and demod some of the use cases. As many of our users are in Estonia, we had a separate session on the local language as well. Please find the links for revisiting the webinars below:


October 4, 2023 – New Insights for Admins, Leaders of Leaders, and Regular Users

In our first October release, we are delighted to introduce some robust enhancements tailored for HR professionals and top-tier leaders:

  • Enhanced Comment Tool Tips: Gain valuable insights into the origin of comments across multiple business units. This feature proves invaluable when transitioning from a broad organizational view to a more detailed one. Simply hover your cursor over the comment, and the associated business unit will be elegantly displayed.
  • Optimized Manager’s Monthly Report Schedule: Based on invaluable customer feedback, we have fine-tuned the timing of the manager’s monthly report. Previously sent every four weeks, these reports will now be dispatched on the first working day of each month, aligning better with your needs.
  • Response Rate Dynamics in Overview Chart: In addition to conveying average responses to daily inquiries, we now empower you to monitor response rate dynamics over extended periods. This feature accommodates a variety of roles and is enabled by default for all employees.
  • Enhanced Search Functionality and Bug Fixes: We’ve bolstered several filters with an efficient search function, streamlining your user experience. Furthermore, our diligent team has resolved minor bugs to ensure a smoother operation.

We are excited about these enhancements and look forward to continually enhancing your experience with our product. Stay tuned for more updates!

September 22, 2023 – A quantum leap in technical advancements and user experience!

We’re thrilled to unveil our latest and most significant release for September, packed with substantial technical upgrades and a host of exciting new features. Our commitment to enhancing your experience with Moticheck has never been stronger!

One of the standout features of this update is the introduction of a highly requested and customizable dashboard timeframe. We understand that your data analysis needs can vary widely, which is why we’ve removed the limitations of fixed timeframes like three months, or six months.

What’s New:

Week and month shortcuts: We’ve retained these familiar shortcuts for quick and easy access.
Custom timeframes: now, the power is in your hands! You can select any timeframe that suits your needs, from a single day to several years. This enhancement empowers you to align the dashboard precisely with your unique goals, enabling more accurate and informed decision-making. With Moticheck’s newfound flexibility, you can explore trends, track progress, and extract insights spanning the full spectrum of time, ensuring that you have the right data at your fingertips whenever you need it.

We believe this update will revolutionize the way you interact with Moticheck, making it even more tailored to your requirements and ultimately boosting your productivity and effectiveness.

Other mentionable updates include:

  • Employee data upload improvements;
  • Matrix team filtering improvements;
  • Front-end components update across all applications;
  • Employee data input data trimming.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and improvements from Moticheck. Your feedback continues to drive our commitment to delivering the best possible experience. Thank you for choosing Moticheck as your trusted partner in employee experience data analysis.

August 18, 2023 – All new functionality to support individual development and responsibility in it

True well-being flourishes only when I actively contribute to enhancing my professional life and hold myself accountable for my growth and well-being discourse. It’s not just about continuous learning; it’s about the lifelong development we should strive for.

How am I progressing? What are my preferences? Where do I envision my path forward? Do I desire changes in my professional sphere? How can I make that happen? Can I orchestrate change independently? Who can assist? What should be my next course of action?

No need to fret. We’re here to support you, as well as all your team members. Moticheck is introducing a new individualized results board. It presents a confidential data-backed view that assists in steering your career path, enhancing your overall well-being on the job, and shaping your developmental agenda. By providing a holistic perspective of yourself, Aidan, our mentor, offers insightful and supportive questions to guide you forward. This straightforward yet comprehensive tool is designed to aid in preparing for one-on-one meetings and fostering development dialogues.

This functionality is a part of the Premium plan. You can compare the plans on our website here.

Other updates in this release:

  • Logo upload – customers can update and change their logos in the admin panel;
  • Aidan, the business mentor, was updated to use the latest AI, ChatGPT4 engine;
  • Employee and organization business units’ data upload – the system allows to update of company employee data and structure in two different approaches. Just upload the Excel and off you go! The templates are included and are available for download. The function follows the API functionality but in Microsoft Excel format.

August 11, 2023 – API update

We have updated the API functionality that builds the organization structure based on employee and direct manager data only.

The API that includes also business units’ data remains the core API for our customers and was not touched by the release.

July 24, 2023 – All new 4-choice response scale

A new 4-choice response scale is available, alongside the already existing binary scale and 5-options scale. The options on the new scale are “Yes”, “Rather yes”, “Rather no” and “No”. It is targeting the users who like multiple choice but are not into numbers and also the organizations that want to avoid 50/50 responses. All scales can be activated by the admin users via the company settings and will thereafter become visible in the user menu.

Also, company data sync API fixes were applied to be able to create new teams into business units when there is no manager/ the manager is somewhere in higher structures of the organization.

The business unit toggle, which sets the business unit active/inactive, will notify the user about the consequences of toggling to eliminate the risk of activating/deactivating Moticheck by accident.

We also applied design fixes on the dashboard and the company card.

July 3, 2023 – All new modal for adding catalog questions

  • We kick off July with a very important product update. Moticheck customers can now add custom catalog questions in addition to ad hoc questions. This means that customers can carry on questions from their previous surveys and automate these like the original Moticheck questions. This enables better comparison and eases the switch from the previous provider to Moticheck.
  • Custom catalog questions are asked the same way as the default ones. it is also possible to toggle these active/inactive. The answers to the customer catalog questions are displayed within the respective categories and on question cards in the dashboard as well.
  • Custom catalog questions can be deleted only if they are not asked; once asked it is only possible to modify the text of the question.
  • We also applied a bug fix on dashboard question cards.

June 27, 2023 – Polish language and MSFT Graph library utilization

The last release in June adds the Polish language to the list of available languages and MS Exchange integration is available, which utilizes the Microsoft Graph library in order to send emails to Outlook inboxes as an internal sender



June 08, 2023 – Option to respond to past daily questions

  • In June, we responded to the request from some of our customers to enable answering daily questions from the past. Now the chatbot invites users to answer unanswered questions from the past week.
  • In addition, the chatbot now displays a reaction to each answer provided as a gesture and to share the emotions attached to the response.
  • We also did some smaller fixes to speed up the load time for the dashboard and the company view and the SaaS Agreement terms and conditions now feature Aidan as an additional service.

May 12, 2023 – Aidan becomes chatty and we have improved both API and SSO

Since the middle of May, users in the manager rights can chat with Aidan asking follow-up questions and advice. For example, one can ask for an action plan or additional resources such as books to read or methods to implement – whatever helps to tackle the issue.

Other improvements:

  • Company data batch API adjustments to enable sending employee start date with the batch;
  • SSO adjustments in order to decouple the SSO usage from the Teams usage;
  • Fixes in response channel selection flow.

April 14, 2023 – Introducing Aidan, an AI-powered mentor

Aidan, the AI- mentor
This might well be the most important tech development in the space of HR and management tools. We have taken a quantum leap to AI. We started testing a leadership consultant and mentor called Aidan with selected customers. Aidan supports managers in solving issues and praises them for good leadership when appropriate. Say tuned for more news. Aidan will be available for all customers in May.


Other notable improvements and updates:

  • Dashboard data filtering is possible based on tags added to employees. For example “Outsourced employee”, “Part-time/full-time employee” etc. Tags can be added via the edit employee modal.  Once created and added to an employee, it can be reused to tag other employees in the company. All unused tags are deleted 1 x week.
  • Company data batch API includes an endpoint to fetch all employees of a company.
  • Teams bot auto-install background job checks if an employee belongs to the department that is currently “active” in Moticheck. If not “active”, the bot will not be installed.
  • Bug fixes in a manager’s monthly email.


March 16, 2023 – New filters for enhanced analytics

  • The first release in March is focusing on improving analytics in Moticheck.
  • There are new additional filters available in Moticheck to zoom into the results by employee positions and length of service.
  • The data will be shown only if at least 3 employees in the company have the same position or at least 3 employees in the company fall into the same predefined service length period.
  • The renewed style guide supports an unlimited number of additional filters, which will be wrapped as rows containing 6 filters underneath each other; expand button is available to open up these additional filters. So you can anticipate further additions to the filtering options soon.
  • We have also added additional checks in the dashboard to provide user anonymity.
  • The Microsoft Azure SSO users will be now notified if they log into Moticheck with the wrong Microsoft account and are prompted to log out. This is quite usual that people have several accounts such as student accounts or a private account in Microsoft in addition to their work account.
  • To improve the management of catalog questions in Moticheck the toggled-out questions are shown in gray color in the view of the questions.
  • And we did some smaller bug fixes in the dashboard feedback card.


February 27, 2023 – Continued focus on the process optimization

  • We continued working on improving processes. To ease login for admins and managers,  a user can request an OTP multiple times in a row and timeout is counted based on failed login attempts.
  • For Microsoft Teams users we enhanced the Teams bot automatic install that is scheduled as a background job running approximately once per day.
  • We also switched hosting from Hetzner to Digital Ocean, which provides more managed services. This is important to provide robust security.


February 8, 2023 – Process optimization

  • The first release in February includes numerous optimizations:
  • Forward button on the login page to return to the OTP view
  • Having selected a mobile app as a channel for questions in the chatbot, desktop users will be routed to the Moticheck website to scan the QR code and download the app; mobile users will be routed directly to the App Store/ Google Play
  • Chatbot will ask about employee preferences before asking for a comment
  • Refactoring of error handling for the API in order to provide errors in a list
  • Managers will continue receiving questions if their departments are set to inactive in Moticheck; the question’s business unit switch to inactive status
  • Prolonged sessions for the mobile app users
  • Teams Bot installation instructions include a list of Microsoft Graph permissions that need to be accepted by the tenant’s admin in order to install the bot for the users.


January 26, 2023 – Microsoft Azure SSO and several security updated


The latest release is all about security. The big news is Microsoft Azure SSO (single sign-on). Moticheck Teams Bot offers SSO to users in any role. It makes Moticheck more secure and much more convenient.


  • If an organization is a Moticheck Teams Bot user, the SSO will apply to all of its users automatically. With the Teams Bot installation, the Azure tenant id of that organization is stored in the Moticheck database, and when a user logs into the app, the app will check the presence of the tenant id in the database. If exists, users can log into Moticheck with their organization’s/work-related Microsoft account. SSO login will be invoked in all login instances, so SSO users will not receive one-time passwords (OTP) for login.


The second important milestone is releasing an API for automated company data updates. It uses Azure AD tokens to verify the sender of the data, and it enables to update of the entire organization’s data (except company preferences) via the API. This enables time savings for admin teams and eliminates human error and delays in data updates. All-in-all it stands for better data quality and better data management.  

Other security updates follow up on the recent PEN testing and include among other items:

  • more complex OTP code
  • a longer timeout between the 2 consecutive sends of OPT to a user
  • enhanced user input validation to avoid XSS attacks
  • additional check-in uplifting employees’ access rights
  • CORS and Strict-Transport-Security improvements
  • advanced iFrame restrictions
  • access token validation is added for data downloads
  • admin login URL security improvements


The UX and UI improvements include:

  • fixes in Company card and Questions card table structure/stepping
  • processing of failed daily questions (network/external errors)
  • small fix in manager’s regular monthly report/email


December 9, 2022 – Moticheck is well-prepared for the holidays in all countries

  • We started to use Calendarific API to fetch public holidays around the globe so that we can manage questions in all countries our users may work in. This feature should improve the user experience even more. The main purpose is not to ask Moticheck questions during holidays and enable the employees to be with their loved ones without distraction from the office.


November 24, 2022 – Taking individual customization to an unseen level

  • The big story of the last release in November is the introduction of a choice of response scales that can be set individually. Motichecki is known for its’ unusual approach to employee surveys. This is because unlike other survey providers, Moticheck focuses on employees and their direct managers. There are binary and non-binary scales now in use to suit the different natures of employees and to make it more convenient for employees.
  • A numeric five-choice response scale is available, alongside a yes/no scale. What you should know about it:
  • Response scale can be changed via the company settings;
  • Company admin roles can allow both response scales or just one of these;
  • The default scale is a binary scale for all the current companies;
  • If both scales are enabled by the company admin roles, users will see the answer scale selection in the user menu and can choose between these two.

With a five-choice response scale, the reply options are 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%, displayed in an email, Slack, Moticheck

bot, and Teams bot after each Moticheck question. With a binary scale, the response options are still displayed as Yes and No buttons but converted into 100% and 0% respectively in all the calculations. Moticheck chatbot will advertise the answer scale options to employees if the company admin role has enabled both scales and the user has not yet selected its preferred option.

  • Other features included in the release are:
  • The Swedish language is added to Moticheck;
  • Help texts include a link to the Moticheck website’s FAQ page;
  • Bug fixes.

November 1, 2022 – More power to manage teams and channels

There are occasions when the full team is out of the office. it might be a planned collective vacation or an offsite meeting. Anyway, it is good to switch Moticheck off for these days for the whole team to let them concentrate on the occasion. So from now on, admins can toggle business units to inactive/active in order to pause these from receiving Moticheck questions; inactive status starts the next day after toggling, and active status starts immediately after switching it back on.

Moticheck offers a variety of channels like email, Slack, Microsoft teams, and Moticheck mobile apps. But all customers do not want to use all of them. So we have developed a function for the admins to configure allowed communication channels in the organization settings, By default, all current channels are allowed (email, mobile app, Teams, Slack). If any of these channels is not allowed – Moticheck will stop utilizing that for that particular organization.


Other new features and minor developments:

  • The chatbot invites users to visit the dashboard and see the team results; after answering a daily question (or the last question in the weekly questions flow) the chatbot provides users a choice to share a comment or see the results in the dashboard.
  • The mobile app has double-checked before saving as a channel. It will not be saved as a preferred channel for the user if he/she does not complete the mobile app installation.
  • The order of the business units in the organization structure view won’t change when a business unit is updated
  • Managers can add/edit/delete employees only in their business unit
  • Ukraine and Australia are added as countries
  • Moticheck backend software is updated


October 13, 2022 – Updating some processes and features


  • One time password (OTP) can from now on be received to Slack and Teams channels as well (in addition to email and SMS)
  • If a user has chosen to receive Moticheck questions on a weekly basis, he/she will get the questions on a weekly basis in whichever ways he/she enters the chatbot (from email, push notification, slack, or teams bot, or from the dashboard)
  • CEOs are excluded from questions that ask feedback about managers
  • A catalog question ”Would you recommend our organization as an employer to your friends and acquaintances?” is added to the Engagement category


October 3, 2022 – Introducing Moticheck bot for Microsoft Teams

      • teams&moticheck


This is big! We have launched the Microsoft Teams bot to introduce a new channel for collecting daily employee experience input. All our current and future customers can install the bot from the Moticheck admin panel and make it available for the whole organization.

It’s really simple, just click the button in the Moticheck admin panel, follow the instructions you get with the email, and click the button in the email to install the Moticheck bot app in Microsoft Teams.

The Moticheck bot is a private channel that has all the same features as other channels in Moticheck to enable daily communication, providing input and feedback.

add teams

September 7, 2022 – Improving the user experience

      • Moticheck mobile-only users will no longer have confusing channel selection options in the user menu. The options are limited to the channels available to every individual user.
      • Manager-has-seen :white_check_mark:-mark in the comments area of the feedback card and question cards is now red if the manager has not yet seen the comment. This is to draw managers’ attention to signaling their feedback and saying “thanks” to employees who took the time to write comments.
      • We have also applied some changes to the departments’ cards in the Moticheck dashboard. These relate to bug fixes and data comparisons. 

August 12, 2022 – The magic behind the screen

In August we updated several features that are unseen to regular users. But they are important to every user.

  • Admin login is now logged from now on in a better manner. It is a security feature and a comfort feature.
  • Employee language across the whole application is taken based on the country he/she is from, in cases, the employee has not chosen his preferred language and the company has enabled the respective country language for its users in Moticheck.
  • Minor improvements in catalog questions’ wordings and translations.

July 1, 2022 – More advice and options for managers

      • We have improved the information, design, and advice provided in the monthly managers’ emails.  The new features of the managers’ email are:
      • Colorful design and call-to-action-type of questions to the manager;
      • An overview of the top 3 best-performing categories;
      • … and the worst performing catalog questions.
      • Other important updates with this release:
      • Onboarding invitations can be resent to the inactive employees up to 5 times via the Organisation → People settings. This functionality is available to all admin and manager roles;
      • Managers can from now on edit/add/delete the people in their team, as well as re-send and onboarding email/SMS to them;
      • Channel selection in the user menu includes all options and if the mobile app is not yet installed, a user is redirected to the store;
      • Various security improvements regarding tokens, secrets, and session storage.

June 13, 2022 – Moticheck introduces matrix teams

        • Matrix teams include already existing business units and the child units of the selected business units grouped under the matrix team umbrella. This functionality enables the creation of cross-border functional teams for example and hands access to the results to leaders of parallel functions.
        • The dashboard displays a consolidated matrix team result for the people in an employee role. The managers and admins can see the results at every business unit level.


      • Other important updates with this release:
      • Chatbot invites users 1 x a month to check out the team’s results from the dashboard
      • Chatbot invites users to select Slack as a channel if the Moticheck Slack app has been enabled by the company admin roles.
      • The Chatbot data bar shows only the user’s business unit results (and only the parent unit’s results in the case of managers.
      • Desktop login includes a mobile phone-based login option.
      • Dashboard speed and performance improvements.
      • User-friendly error messages are displayed in case a user is deleted from Moticheck but still accesses the app with its old/stored credentials.


May 30, 2022 – Mental health category is available

We are introducing a new category – the mental health category. Mental health has emerged as one of the most underrated yet most costly occupational health and well-being elements. The long social distancing, remote and hybrid work has made the mental challenges more felt and more evident.

It is a well-known saying that prevention is times cheaper than cure. Here is how Moticheck can support its’ customers. The mental health category maps if there are any issues with mental health or not. It investigates the reasons for mental issues and indicates any change in this category. Employees are also asked to provide feedback on the adequacy of the mental health initiatives and support the employer provides.

The mental health category questions are turned off by default. The questions can be activated from the questions menu.

Other important updates with this release are visible on the resulting dashboard. For better readability, the tooltips in the heat map display employee experience categories instead of the names of the business units.

May 17, 2022 – Slack integration is here!


Big news! We have added Slack integration to Moticheck. This means that Moticheck users can choose in addition to emails, mobile apps, and a terminal solution the Moticheck Slack app to reply to the daily questions. Our continuous employee experience monitoring just became more integrated and even more seamless for organizations that are using Slack.
Moticheck Slack App is now available with the following functionalities:
  • Company admin roles can add the Moticheck Slack app to its Slack workspace for employees to receive their daily or weekly questions via Slack from the Moticheck organization menu.
  • When the Moticheck Slack app is added to the workspace, a choice of channels will become visible in the Moticheck user menu for employees to select the preferred channel for Moticheck questions.
  • If Slack is selected as a preferred option, the questions will be posted into a private chat channel between the Moticheck Slack Bot and the employee.
  • With the current implementation, an employee will be routed to the Moticheck chatbot during the answering process, where he/she can add a comment and check the results.
  • Side note: at the moment only users with admin rights in both Moticheck and Slack workspace, will be able to add Moticheck Slack App to its workspace, as the user email is verified during the app installation.
  • Moticheck Slack App uninstall event from a workspace will also delete the tokens from the Moticheck database and the users will no longer have an option to select Slack as a channel.

Other important updates with this release:

  • Onboarding email will be sent in a default language of a location if an employee has not yet chosen its preferred language. E.g. if a company has enabled Finnish, Estonian and Lithuanian languages, and there is a new hire from Lithuania, the onboarding letter to him/her will be sent in Lithuanian.
  • Moticheck chatbot will advertise to users a weekly answering option if a company has enabled the possibility to reply to Moticheck questions weekly.
  • A link in a manager’s monthly email will route a manager directly to its department in the dashboard with a preset filter option for all subunits.
  • Performance improvements and bug fixes.

April 8, 2022 – Custom schedules and automated time zones


With our growing customer base around the globe, we have added time zone support to Moticheck. When you travel for work, the time zone of your daily questions will be automatically adjusted after every interaction with the app – whether you reply to questions in the chatbot or check the results in the dashboard. As an administrator, you can edit your organization’s default time zone via the organization’s settings. For self-registered customers, the time zone of your organization will be taken from your browser settings during the registration process.


A few months ago we taught Moticheck to consider your vacation time and pause the daily questions until you’re back in the office. This function operates in the background if Moticheck is connected to the organization’s HR systems. Now, we have made that option available in the user menu for you as well. You can tell the system that you are off for some time so that you can fully relax and Moticheck won’t bother you with questions. Just pick the range of dates from the calendar and you’re set for a break.
Additional updates in the release include:
  • Custom date picker and range picker are available on Moticheck
  • The dashboard heat map displays gray circles if no questions have yet been asked from that particular department in a given category. It is handy when a new department has been added to the organization
  • Various improvements in the header, chatbot, and the user menu


March 11, 2022 – More video support and a data download function now in Moticheck


  • In the first part of March, we have been focusing on supporting our new and existing customers. Now there are links to relevant tutorial videos in the self-onboarding process and other places where support needs have been identified.
  • In addition, we have launched a new functionality for those who would like to extract data from Moticheck to produce custom reports or analyze the data in comparison to their previous people survey results.
  • We have also added a flag to managers to make it easier to notice if there is someone from their team responding to the onboarding questions.

Other updates in this release include:

  • Only direct managers can mark the feedback comment of/her team members as “viewed”
  • Improvements to the company card
  • Improvements of the employee segment filter in the manager view
  • Responses to daily questions can be changed, when entering from an email
  • The mobile app menu has been updated


Feb 14, 2022 – New languages available in Moticheck


Having welcomed users from Latvia and Lithuania, we have added new languages to Moticheck to provide everyone a possibility to reply to daily questions in their mother tongue. As of now Finnish, Latvian and Lithuanian languages are available in Moticheck, on top of already existing English, Estonian and Russian, and adding new languages is even easier. Furthermore, admins can now easily limit the list and define the languages available for users.


Other updates in this release include:

  • If only one language is selected as available for a company by the company admins, the language selector is no longer visible in the user menu
  • Ad hoc question text is obligatory in the company default language only; all other language texts are optional
  • Onboarding email will be sent only in those languages that the company has enabled
  • Login page improvements for mobile users
  • Improved error handling to manage the cases when a user has been deleted but still clicks on a button in an old email to reply to a daily question
  • Smaller design fixes in the Onboarding dashboard


Jan 31, 2022 – Replying to questions every second day or once a week


At the organization level, the daily questions can be scheduled to:

  • every day
  • every second day
  • every day or once a week
If the third option is selected by the admin roles from the organizational settings, every user can individually choose whether to receive the daily questions every day, as it is currently, or once a week. In the case of a weekly option, the user will receive once a week one email/push notification with an invitation to reply to all of his/her questions from the past week in the chatbot during a single interaction.
  • Moticheck starts collecting feedback about the application to keep up with the user’s expectations. Specific labels will be used to let users know that the question is not about the employee experience as such but it is about the Moticheck system user experience.
  • For newly onboarded and inactive users, 2 automatic onboarding reminders will be sent. A first reminder will be sent after three days and the second reminder after ten days from the first onboarding email/text message. A user is considered inactive if he/she has not chosen the language or replied to any questions.
  • To improve user experience a date picker is available on the company sign-up page and for admin roles in the organization, view to edit employees or insert ad hoc questions.
  • The dashboard will no longer show the company card and the categories card if there is not enough data.
  • Bug fixes: admin roles can’t delete themselves from the system. Instead, the whole organization should be deleted.


Nov 29, 2021 – Vacations and work schedules will be considered when sending the daily questions


Having occasional time off from work is very important for everyone’s well-being and performance, hence we have started to build functionalities to Moticheck, which can learn about your vacation time and pause the daily questions until you’re back in the office. In the same manner, Moticheck can in the future know about the schedules of the shift workers and collect feedback only during the working days.

Additional updates in the release include:

  • The late-night answering option is available (at 22:00) for replying to daily questions.
  • User onboarding will take place in the chatbot if the user does not have an email address.
  • Manager and admin roles can see from the all employees overview page if an employee has started using Moticheck (green mark shows that the employee has replied to at least one question or chosen the language).
  • Latvian and Lithuanian public holidays are considered in the daily questions flow.


Nov 19, 2021 – Fully mobile phone-based Moticheck

For everyone working remotely, on the go, and not in an office environment, we have made available a fully mobile Moticheck. Users can receive a text message on their mobile phones with an invitation to download the Moticheck app from Google Play or App Store.

Following a swift onboarding interaction with the app’s chatbot, the users start receiving their daily questions as push notifications on their mobile phones and can easily reply to these questions in the app. No emails, no desktops needed.

A full list of features in the current release is as follows:

      • Mobile number-based authentication.
      • Either email or mobile number should be filled in for every user.
      • Welcome, SMS to users without emails, with the invitation to download the mobile app from Google Play or App Store.
      • If only a mobile number is provided, daily questions can be received and answered via push notifications and a mobile app chatbot.
      • Updated login page for mobile app users with both email and mobile number-based authentication.
      • Free text commenting in the chatbot opens up without additional clicks, once the daily questions are answered.
      • A comment to today’s question can be edited in the chatbot throughout the day. It re-opens for editing after every 5 minutes from its last submission.
      • Fewer repetitions in daily questions, the introduction of checks to filter out questions that were asked during the past 6 months and past 1 month.
      • A load more button below the dashboard question cards to view all question cards in the scope of the current filter selection.
      • Emojis can be added as free text comments and are subsequently displayed in the dashboard feedback sections.
      • Mobile app updates will occur automatically behind the splash screen.

Nov 17, 2021 – Company self-onboarding available on Moticheck

We have made it simple for every team and organization, big or small, to sign up to Moticheck and start checking your team members’ engagement. You will only need to fill in a short registration form, accept our terms of use, add all your team members and you’re ready to go.

Should you wish to try out the Moticheck employee survey solution for a bigger organization, you can easily build your whole organization’s structure in our web app.

With the current release, we have made available the following new functionalities:

      • Company self-registration with the following attributes:
      • company sign-up page to insert data;
      • Moticheck terms of use page with the explicit accept button, which triggers the company creation in the system back-end;
      • a confirmation email about the registration is sent to the user;
      • automatic routing of the user into the Moticheck web app to add its first business units and employees;
      • tooltips to guide the user in adding new business units and employees;
      • company configuration options enabled for admin roles.
      • Company deletion possibility from configuration options if only one employee and one business unit are left, including confirmation email about the deletion.
      • Dashboard design improvements.

A feedback card can be removed from the dashboard for regular employees and be visible only for manager and admin roles. Admins can configure from company settings, whether the feedback card is shown or not.

Historical weekly periods can be selected from the dashboard filters; all question cards are shown for these weekly periods in chronological order.