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Basic Plan

Introducing Our Basic Plan: Elevate Your Workplace Experience

At Moticheck, we’re here to revolutionize your employee experience. Our Basic Plan offers:

Continuous Engagement:
– Daily dialogue with employees
– Powerful web-based dashboard
– Engaging instant feedback

Actionable Insights:
– Real-time dynamics
– Internal unit comparisons

Comprehensive Feedback System:
– Hundreds of questions in 14 categories
– Custom polls and questions

Global Reach:
– Multi-regional setup
– Multi-application platform (IOS, Android, email)

Efficiency with Bots:
– Teams Bot and Slack bot integration

Limitless Scalability:
– Unlimited users and admin users
– No constraints on departments and sub-units

Exceptional Support:
– Online support


Ready to Elevate Your Workplace?
Sign up now for just €4.49 per user, with a minimum commitment of €350 per month.


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Join us in shaping a workplace where innovation meets satisfaction. Moticheck - Where Employee Experience Redefined.

Premium Plan

Introducing Our Premium Plan: Redefining Workplace Excellence

Building on the foundation of our Basic Plan, the Advanced Plan takes your employee experience to unparalleled heights. Here’s what awaits you:

Enhanced Features:
– All Basic Plan features, including continuous engagement and real-time insights.

Integrations and Support:
– Seamless integration with power tools such as AI-fueled mentoring.
– Dedicated onboarding, set-up, and roll-out support for a smooth transition.
– Enjoy the benefits of a dedicated account manager for personalized assistance.

Power Tools for Development:
– Unlock individual work-life and well-being development tools, fostering personal and professional growth.
-Experience the unique capabilities of Aidan, our AI-powered mentor, providing tailored guidance.

Tech Advancements:
– API connectivity for a streamlined and connected experience.
– Azure SSO for enhanced security and convenience.

Group Features:
– Leverage group features like multi-regional set-up, connecting diverse teams effortlessly.

Premium Plan Exclusive:
– Elevate leadership with an AI-powered mentor tailored for leaders.
– Equip employees with a well-being management tool, preparing them for development dialogues.

Ready to Elevate Your Workplace Even Further? The monthly license fee is €5.99 per user, with a minimum commitment of €499 per month.

Upgrade now and enjoy all these advanced features with a seamless transition from the Basic Plan. Your workplace transformation journey continues with Moticheck.


Join Moticheck – Where Workplace Excellence Takes Flight.

Tailored Solutions for Special Cases and Large Employers

Our enterprise solution is meticulously designed to cater to the unique requirements of large-scale operations. Specifically crafted for organizations with distinct needs, we understand the importance of accommodating large volumes and addressing specific challenges.

Customization Flexibility:
– Tailor the solution to meet your specific needs, whether it’s integrating with existing hardware or reaching your workforce through specialized hand devices.
– Seamlessly integrate with workday registration systems for a cohesive experience.

Inclusive Communication:
– Extend the benefits of our platform to include offline blue-collar workers, fostering a daily online dialogue for a more connected workforce.

Volume Appreciation:
– Our pricing structure appreciates large volumes, ensuring a cost-effective solution for enterprises with extensive user requirements.

Get in Touch for More Information:
If you are a large employer with specific needs or have unique cases to address, feel free to reach out for more information. We’re here to support your organization’s unique journey.



Our pricing is based on the number of users and customization complexity, ensuring a fair and tailored approach to meet the demands of your enterprise.

Discover the possibilities with Moticheck – Where Tailored Solutions Meet Enterprise Excellence.

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