Moticheck is featured in the HR tech coverage in DigiPRO


According to Startup Estonia, there are a total of 1,449 start-up companies in Estonia today, of which 253 deal with business software and HR. This in a country with a total population of 1,3 million inhabitants. Yes, this is not a typo. 1,3 mio. So quite many startups per capita. If we hear success stories about the exploits of Estonian business software startups both at home and abroad, HR startups are much quieter.

In order to take a deeper look at the field, DigiPRO asked the founders of HR companies how things are really going in this sector, in which markets they operate today, how easy it is to expand, and how to attract money from investors. Three founders share their experience: Moticheck founder Martin Rajasalu, Coursey founder Agu Remmelg and RecruitLab founder Paavo Heil.

Continue reading the article by Linda-Liis Laikoja in DigiPro here. The article is in Estonian, but Chat GPT and Google can handle it 🙂