7 reasons why startups should monitor working life daily


Everyday life in startups includes changes and upheavals that team members must adapt to. When managing change in high-growth businesses monitoring people’s well-being is essential to ensure success. The reasons for ongoing monitoring of the dynamics are as follows.

  • An unregulated environment, where processes are not set and focus changes often, creates frustration for many. By mapping the team’s stress levels, the manager can identify critical areas of concern to address first.
  • Start-up founders are often not professional managers, so the need to lead teams can be an unexpected discovery for many. Technology helps the manager identify areas for improvement and enlist help.
  • The high burnout rate among startup employees and managers (estimated to be up to 50%) requires conscious monitoring of danger signs and proactive intervention. Feedback given anonymously on every aspect of working life clarifies areas of tension and their causes.
    startup challenges

  • Remote work and different business locations necessitate the systematic collection of management information. Engaging all employees and monitoring their well-being is an additional challenge to consider.
  • A company with a rapidly growing team to meet its ambition has to shape the work culture proactively, map the current situation, and measure changes.
  • In startups, team members are often in dual roles. As members of a fellowship, areas of development (be it personal or business) remain unresolved and can cause significant setbacks when accumulated. Fairness and transparency in the relationship between founders and employees bring success.
  • In the race to raise money, a neutral monitor red flags the danger points of sustainable operations.

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Pille Parind-Nisula, July 2022