Unlocking Leadership Excellence: Insights from the Leadership Audit Radio Program

Pile Parind-Nisula in radio show

At Moticheck, we believe in the power of insightful discussions that pave the way for transformative leadership. Recently, our CGO, Pille Parind-Nisula, had the privilege of joining the esteemed Leadership Audit radio program alongside our valued client, Annika Kitsing from Statistikaamet/Statistics Estonia. Hosted by the brilliant Helen Klettenberg, the program offered a deep dive into the nuances of leadership quality.

The dialogue, rich with insights, touched upon various facets of leadership, bringing to light crucial aspects that resonate with organizations striving for excellence.

🎙 Key Topics Explored:

  • Fostering an Innovative Culture: The conversation navigated through strategies for cultivating an innovative culture within an organization. Insights were shared on how organizations can increase openness to change, fostering an environment where innovation thrives.
  • The Importance of Leadership Quality: Why Does Leadership Quality Matter? This fundamental question was explored, emphasizing the pivotal role effective leadership plays in organizational success.
  • Utilizing Employee Feedback for Innovation: An intriguing aspect of the discussion revolved around using employee feedback as a catalyst for driving innovation. How the power of insights from the workforce is steering positive change.

📍 Practical Use Case: Moticheck at Statistics Estonia

During the recording, the practical application of Moticheck software took center stage. The discussion showcased how our software contributes to enhancing management quality and fostering data-driven leadership at Statistics Estonia.

Listen to the Leadership Audit (Juhtimisaudit is in Estonian) podcast on Radio Äripäev.

At Moticheck, we’re committed to sharing knowledge, experiences, and strategies that propel organizations toward leadership excellence. Stay tuned for more enriching discussions and transformative insights.


Pile Parind-Nisula in radio show
Pile Parind-Nisula in radio show
Pile Parind-Nisula in radio show