People who love their jobs do not hate Mondays.* One year of Moticheck Global Averages

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Exactly one year ago, in January 2022, we started calculating the global averages of Moticheck customers every month. Most Moticheck users are located in the Baltics and Europe and thus were directly or indirectly affected by the war in Ukraine. It is good to note that the variations mapped by Moticheck are not drastic. The average of all working life categories has fallen from 83% to 79% within 12 months, and the decline occurred last three months of the year. Considering the context of 2022, such a decline can be assessed as a solid adaptation to changes.

Comparing the results monitored by Moticheck to the Gallup Q12* global assessment, according to which only 20% of employees thrive in their work, 62% are primarily indifferent, and 18% feel miserable, our customers are happier than the global average at work.

We are proud to say that Engagement has been the most highly valued area of our clients’ working life throughout the year. Of course, Moticheck only addresses those companies where the employee’s involvement in shaping working life is considered beneficial. At the same time, we believe that employees will feel more engaged when the feedback is regularly collected and easily accessible to everyone. We thank the managers who, with the support of monitoring results, contribute to the well-being of employees daily and thereby improve the company’s results. They have assured the Moticheck team that we are moving in the right direction!

As expected, the most significant drop occurred in the Compensation valuation, which fell just in the last quarter of 2022. We started the year at the level of 69% and fell to 60%. More employees consider coping with the current salary difficult and look around for better conditions. There is a trend in the compensation assessment, where more highly educated employees (based on the company’s field of business) are less satisfied with the remuneration of their work. At the same time, in companies where manual workers prevail, the assessment of wages has not changed.

Employees who agree that the employer cares about their well-being are 69% less likely to monitor labor market offers.

The field of Mental health has made the highest step up. Since the environment had become more challenging during the observed period, we must recognize the companies for contributing to employees’ mental well-being. Most companies using  Moticheck software educate and support their people in mental health. Awareness, recognition, self-help, and availability of professional support are the keywords we hear from our clients. Helping activities are not necessarily complex or delicate. Fundraising for the people suffering from the war in Ukraine also helps the employees cope with the tensions caused by the war. Socializing, acting together, and supporting each other is meaningful. We consider the gratifying change in mental health rating results from all the mentioned activities and hope it will maintain the achieved level.

For years, Gallup studies* have worriedly mapped the rise of loneliness and the significant impact of the pandemic on the decline of people’s sense of belonging. The difficultly-learned flexibility in working location brings convenience and extra time to our lives, but the feeling of social belonging improves with the return to the office. Social well-being and mental health enhance when working closely with supportive colleagues.

The areas of working life Mission and Values and Leadership have improved hand in hand by 3% during the year (82%-85%). Further development needs occur in every company, and Moticheck software helps to find improvement opportunities. We have heard stories from managers where an issue considered unimportant was quickly resolved as a priority due to monitoring results – at least in one office, the air quality is now good again. Activities related to values and mission help to maintain focus and create meaning at work in complex and volatile times. It helps managers and team members stay productive and mentally fit.

A community dimension has become a part of the business management context. In addition to considering the interests of shareholders, employees, partners, and suppliers, the community’s needs are also in focus. Moticheck’s clients were active in 2022 in relocating family members from Ukraine, collecting consumer goods, and offering jobs to Ukrainians. The employees appreciated these additional activities based on company values, and everyone had an opportunity to participate. 

In the area of Trust, the last four months of 2022 saw a decline in ratings. A 5% downward step is probably not trend-setting, considering that in most companies, the result was stable, and the overall level is incredibly high – 86%. Trust is critical to monitor systematically, as the relationship with his manager determines 70% of an employee’s emotional attachment to his work. 

In conclusion, it is worth recalling the results of the Gallup global polls. Employees who agree that the employer cares about their well-being (collects feedback, and regular meetings with the manager) are 69% less likely to monitor labor market offers. They are five times more likely to be loud ambassadors of the employer’s brand outside the work environment and feel 71% less likely to experience burnout at work.


Pille Parind-Nisula Moticheck
Pille Parind-Nisula

Growth Executive and Co-founder @Moticheck




  • Blind Spot. The Global Rise of Unhappiness and How Leaders Missed It. Jon Clifton, CEO of Gallup. Gallup Press 2022
avg 12 22
avg 12 22
avg 12 22