Moticheck is in the GSD Labs accelerator with 11 startups to #GoGlobal


GSD Venture Studio’s 15-week accelerator, GSD Labs has just launched yet another cohort of future unicorns. Challenging times require innovative concepts and a world without borders. The tech verticals of these exceptional startups include Worktech, Healthtech, AI, Blockchain, Fintech, ESG, and Social Media.

GSD’s CEO Gary Fowler and VP of Programs Nick Bravante are seasoned venture builders who direct strategy based on their own success as founders. Both Gary and Nick are well aware that 90% of startups fail, and that these failures are usually because companies run out of money. The entrepreneur’s dilemma is usually that they have a great idea but neither the money to grow nor the traction to raise. This is where GSD Labs comes in and injects tried and true tactics to growth hack sales and position startups for funding.

Previous GSD Labs alumni include Xoxoday, who raised $30m for their Indian-based fintech.

“GSD Labs has played an important role in the growth of Xoxoday. We made great connections and built relationships with like-minded founders, advisors, and investors through the accelerator. GSD Labs also taught us that Silicon Valley is not just a geographical location but a mindset. We are thrilled for the opportunity of working with them to learn how to #GoGlobal.” XOXODay Co-founder Manoj Agarwal

The accelerator makes more than just connections for funding, as alumni Ajay Lalu, founder of Q-Hop states.

“The GSD Labs accelerator allowed us access to amazing Advisory Board members like Rick Orloff and John Agate through the networks of Gary Fowler and Derek Distenfield. Through the accelerator, we were able to polish our pitch deck and our financial forecasts with the guidance and experience of Silicon Valley veterans. This gave investors like E Squared confidence to continue to invest in Q-Hop and opened up other potential investors from the Valley.”

GSD is excited to continue our work as one of the premier accelerators in the world of startups and continue to select, nurture and connect the best startups from every corner of the globe. Meet the next generation of global unicorns from GSD below!


BSOCIAL is a collaborative marketplace for parties and events where organizers can create events, invite attendees, and control admission. Users can browse events, buy tickets in advance, and gain entry to the most exclusive events around the world.

Cylon Accounting

Cylon is an all-in-one banking and business management platform with accounting, human resources, payroll, microfinancing, and insurance capabilities. The future of modern, banked, and borderless business in Africa cannot exist without Cylon. allows users to lock Bitcoin in their wallets and use it as collateral on any chain. Developed at MIT, the escrow technology enables app developers to accept native Bitcoin directly and is safer than custodians or bridges that have lost over $40Bn in crypto hacks to date.


MachineryScanner’s one-stop solution enables users to find and purchase heavy equipment and trucks quickly and conveniently. Listings from multiple platforms are aggregated with seller reviews and certifications while third-party inspections and shipping logistics are handled on the platform.


Moticheck’s always-on workplace experience software supports employer branding, employee retention, recruit onboarding, and leadership development. The SaaS platform provides data-driven management advice and generates 100x more feedback than the competition improving leadership. The demand for Moticheck is driven by a global fight for talent, employee retention costs, and remote work challenges.


NeoSwap is a multi-party, multi-item NFT swapping framework that redistributes items in a win-win-win manner, using minimal currency. By leveraging smart contracts, blockchain transparency, and machine learning, NeoSwap facilitates multiway NFT swapping at scale with off-chain pricing data to create a self-reinforcing flywheel.


Runday is an AI agent that “runs the day” for insurance and wellness professionals needing to accelerate their business. The conversational user experience makes it easy to coordinate activities with both clients and prospects directly from your inbox on a mobile device.


Rehaboo! enables users, especially the elderly and those in need of physical therapy, to play games and get in shape using just their body to make the physical activity fun, empowering, and measurable. Any device that can run Zoom or Teams can be used to play games, get active and heal.


A strong female presence is crucial for the success of a workplace, yet in the great resignation, women have left at twice the rate of men. Silatha helps companies to create a workplace where women feel accepted, trusted, and valued, by addressing the unique mental needs of women triggered by hormonal realities (pregnancy, menopause) caregiving roles (motherhood, elderly), and systematic gender bias to attract, retain, and nurture top women talent.


WazoPlus is a modern tech and business media platform closing the African audience gap and driving brand engagement with quality, creative, and diversified content. From tech and business to sports, Wazo+ is Africa’s news source.

WeAre 3RF

WeAre 3RF is a crypto-incentivized second-hand clothing platform, that rewards subscribers for sustainable behavior with shareholder tokens and crypto awards. Unlike traditional resale platforms that incentivize traffic, WeAre 3RF gives monetary incentives and NFTs to community members, giving keep perfectly good fashion out of our landfills.

  • These startups will participate in GSD’s 15-week program which includes hands-on sessions to make measurable differences in sales and marketing, speed dating meetings with mentors/investors, strategy and direction for investor interfacing, and direct connection to GSD’s network of investors. A virtual demo day is the culmination of the accelerator where each founder presents to over 140 investors in attendance.

  • GSD travels the world in search of resilient entrepreneurs bold enough to #GoGlobal. This cohort includes a diverse group of founders with roots in The U.S., Hungary, Estonia, The Philippines, France, Italy, Spain, Luxembourg, Poland, The Netherlands, Namibia, South Africa, Portugal, and Finland. 36% are led by women, while 27% are led by minorities or founders from emerging markets.

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