Celebrating Three Years of Innovation: Moticheck’s Journey in Transformative Leadership

moticheck turnes 3

Three years ago, Moticheck embarked on a mission to redefine leadership engagement and revolutionize corporate strategies. With a bold vision in mind, we set out to create tools and services that would empower CEOs and executives to steer their organizations toward greatness. In January 2024 we proudly mark our third year of catalyzing change and empowering leaders.

The Road to A Game-Changer

At the core of Moticheck’s offerings is Aidan, the always-on leadership mentor, a revolutionary product designed to provide leaders with continuous guidance. In a world where leadership challenges can emerge at any moment, this tool ensures executives have access to timely insights and advice, fostering a proactive and effective approach to leadership. But Aidan was not on the map when we started off. We were set to challenge the way we conducted employee surveys. We were confident that we could disrupt the industry. Little did we know that the product that we were building would lead us to a service that was beyond any technical capabilities and consumer expectations just a few years ago.

The road has not been easy, but we have had good company along the way. We wouldn’t have made it without our lovely, dedicated, and extremely hard-working team, our investors, our beloved customers, and our first adopters. There have been several partners from the industry cheering for us along the way. It has been a truly exceptional journey taking small steps, putting foot after foot every single day. Success is something that is measured against the ambition. We have both. But gratitude is a straightforward feeling and we do feel a lot of it.

Anticipating Future Success

The three-year mark is not an endpoint for Moticheck; it’s a testament to the resilience, dedication, and commitment to excellence. With an unwavering focus on anticipating the evolving needs of businesses, Moticheck is poised to remain a driving force in the world of leadership development. On a global scale, we have a long way to go in listening, engaging, and empowering employees and making the most of cutting-edge technology such as AI in developing leadership qualities.

As we raise a toast to the third birthday, we extend gratitude to clients, partners, and the entire Moticheck community. Together, we have not only shaped the success of the past three years but also laid the foundation for a future where every leader is equipped with the tools they need to thrive.



Martin Rajasalu, CEO

moticheck turnes 3
moticheck turnes 3
moticheck turnes 3