Targeted ad hoc feedback and improved mobile experience


August 2021

More focus on your team.

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Many of you have been looking for ways to get quick feedback from certain teams in your organization after a specific training program, event or an initiative. It can be a leadership training that was set up for managers across multiple departments in your organization. As the course organizer, you’re now wondering whether the participants feel inspired to apply that knowledge in their everyday work situations. It can also be just a random idea of yours that you would like to test on your team members before bringing it to life.

Moticheck enables you from now on to set up targeted ad hoc questions for specific teams or employee segments in your organization to gather quick feedback. As an admin of the Moticheck tool, you can easily insert the question texts, select the send date, and choose a target employee segment or a department. The selected group of people will receive the ad hoc question as part of their daily questions flow and the results will be visible immediately on the dashboard.

You probably know, it cannot be any easier to reply to Moticheck daily questions on mobile. We’ve invested efforts to further improve the Moticheck mobile experience on both iOS and Android. Feel free to download the apps from Google Play and App Store.

Additional updates on Moticheck platform include: 

  • speedier dashboard loading, 
  • better navigation to Help, 
  • improved email design for Outlook customers. 

Moticheck is a novel tool for gaining organizational insights. Yet, its usage also brings a lot of fun and joy!



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