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Building a workplace that employees are proud to be a part of.

Moticheck is a continuous employee experience monitoring SaaS that delivers data-driven people insights and AI-powered leadership advice.

Unlike pulse surveys, which provide occasional snapshots of employee feedback, Moticheck tracks employee experience across 14 categories on a daily basis and presents the results in a user-friendly dashboard. The insights empower both employees and leaders in a language they understand.


Aidan, an ai mentor

Aidan is your partner in leadership, providing ideas and insights to help you excel.

Aidan is an AI mentor at Moticheck that provides affordable and always-available business advice to improve productivity, employee engagement, and leadership skills. Aidan’s advantages include its neutral perspective, ability to consider the larger scope of an organization’s needs, and access to a vast amount of information.

“Moticheck is one of the most brilliant management tools. It gets you out of your seat and talking to people. Those who use Moticheck will hugely benefit from its simplicity and effectiveness.”

Rinel Pius, CEO @ SOL Baltics

ene krinpus

“It is fast and straightforward to use and gives much-needed information to managers and HR. Moticheck rollout is quick, and most importantly, it does not require any high-level administration.”

Ene Krinpus, CHRO @ Magnetic Group

“It is safe to say that this innovation has made us understand each other better and make sense of our working lives.” Read more here.

Annika Kitsing, CHRO @ Statistics Estonia

“Transformed our satisfaction surveys with Moticheck allowing daily responses to questions via Teams or email. Positive experience overall, with user-friendly environment and valuable collaboration.”

Katrin Klesment, CHRO @ Maru Ehitus

“This model has made it incredibly easy for our employees to share their thoughts and feelings about their work experience, contributing to an overall more positive and engaging workplace.” Read more here

Leitti Mändmets, CMO @ Bestair

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Moticheck aggregated global employee experience average score by categories.

March 2024

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