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Moticheck is a novel technology granting confidence in managing growth and change. It improves leadership and boosts employee engagement.

Our customers say Motichecks’ continuous presence provides more value than traditional people surveys.


"Easy to use, takes no time."
"Makes people think of things that are usually neglected."
"Flexible, in phone and email."
"Engage those who are otherwise shy to speak out."
"Makes it easy to provide feedback."
"It's fast, but fits everybody's agenda."
"Everyone has an access to the team's results."
"Results show up immediately and are easy to read."


"Makes managers think and act sooner avoiding escalation."
"Brings out the blind spots."
"Real-time info enables to react fast."
"Helps to manage expectations."
"Live comparison of results visualizes the team's strengths and weaknesses."
"Red light draws attention to the fields that require urgent focus."
"New ideas and training needs pop up."

HR team

"It does not require any high-level administration."
"With a few clicks you can measure the organization temperature and take the necessary actions."
"Biggest benefit: to keep track of the employee engagement and performance."
"The anonymity drives honesty and brings out real issues."
"The green light assures that we are on the right track."

Moticheck engages people with simplicity, user-friendly interfaces and instant results.

It helps to keep up with a fast-changing world. Imagine, an always-on employee experience screening with the price of a single annual survey. Moticheck's unique continuous employee experience survey software supports organizations in daily leadership, employer branding, employee retention, onboarding recruits, and leadership development like no other software.

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