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Leverage AI and modern technology to improve leadership quality and work-life. Foster a culture of continuous improvement and open communication with automated feedback collection and real-time insights using Moticheck’s unique platform.

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Change management

Research indicates that around 70% of organizational change efforts fail, with a lack of employee buy-in being a primary reason, says Kotter (Kotter’s 8-Step Process for Leading Change).

Daily employee feedback monitoring ensures you stay informed about progress and maintain alignment with your goals. This fosters a sense of engagement and inclusion among your employees. Lead the change like a superhero with Moticheck and leave no one behind.

Leadership development

McKinsey has identified that improving management practices could increase productivity by 25% to 50%.

Access to daily employee experience data, AI-powered insights, and always-on mentoring, combined with proactive data processing, ensures your leaders and managers excel in people management and lead their teams to achieve their strategic goals and new heights.

Employee engagement

Gallup estimates that globally, only about 15% of employees are engaged at work, indicating a significant productivity gap due to poor leadership.

Enhance employee engagement by ensuring they feel heard. Communicate with your employees systematically and effortlessly with Motichek’s automated continuous employee experience monitoring to show appreciation for their expertise to address their sentiments promptly.

We believe in building a workplace that employees are proud to be a part of.

Moticheck is a continuous employee experience monitoring SaaS that delivers data-driven people insights and AI-powered leadership advice.

Unlike pulse surveys, which provide occasional snapshots of employee feedback, Moticheck tracks employee experience across tens of categories daily and presents the results in a user-friendly and highly actionable dashboard. The insights empower both employees and leaders in a language they understand.


Aidan is your partner in leadership, providing ideas and insights to help you excel.

Meet Aidan, your always-on AI mentor at Moticheck! Aidan provides affordable, expert advice on leadership and management to boost productivity, enhance employee engagement, and develop your leadership skills.

With Aidan, you can easily:

  • Analyze data to uncover insights
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Learn and grow with personalized guidance
  • Create effective action plans

Unlock your potential with Aidan’s support. Get started today and transform your leadership journey!

Customers love Moticheck!

“Moticheck is one of the most brilliant management tools. It gets you out of your seat and talking to people. Those who use Moticheck will hugely benefit from its simplicity and effectiveness.”

Rinel Pius, CEO @ SOL Baltics

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“It is fast and straightforward to use and gives much-needed information to managers and HR. Moticheck rollout is quick, and most importantly, it does not require any high-level administration.”

Ene Krinpus, CHRO @ Magnetic Group

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“It is safe to say that this innovation has made us understand each other better and make sense of our working lives.” Read more here.

Annika Kitsing, CHRO @ Statistics Estonia

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“Transformed our satisfaction surveys with Moticheck allowing daily responses to questions via Teams or email. Positive experience overall, with user-friendly environment and valuable collaboration.”

Katrin Klesment, CHRO @ Maru Ehitus

Leitti Mändmets photo

“This model has made it incredibly easy for our employees to share their thoughts and feelings about their work experience, contributing to an overall more positive and engaging workplace.” Read more here

Leitti Mändmets, CMO @ Bestair

We serve thousands of employees and leaders in various industries.

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Moticheck helps companies by solving key challenges, including:

  • Enhancing employee engagement: offers strategies and tools to increase employee satisfaction and motivation, leading to higher retention rates and better performance.
  • Boosting productivity: identifies inefficiencies and provides actionable insights to streamline operations and enhance overall productivity.
  • Developing leadership skills: provides affordable, always-on expert advice to help leaders at all levels improve their management and leadership capabilities.
  • Data-driven decision-making: analyzes employee experience data to uncover insights, enabling more informed and effective decision-making.
  • Creating effective action plans: assists in developing action plans to address areas of improvement and drive continuous development.

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