Get everyone on board: the new recruits, offline jobs, different locations


October 2021

This month we are announcing data filtering options based on countries, an update to onboarding category for the new hires and a station solution for gathering feedback from people working offline.

Eesti keeles

Assume you have assembly line workers or retail sales staff working offline in your organization. In some industries, such roles can make up a big proportion of the work force. Usually, they only loosely connect to company’s communication channels, having no official email addresses, work phones or laptops.

Yet, when you get right to the bottom of it, they are the ones who propeller the business.

Moticheck helps you to listen to your offline people. Our station solution is based on a shared on-site tablet that collects the replies to Moticheck daily questions. The screen displays the question throughout the day for employees in a particular unit. At the start of the shift, people can just tap a green or a red button to show how they feel about that particular topic asked on that day.

Managers and HR partners can check the responses summarized into a facility level feedback at Moticheck dashboard. As you listen to your employees, fix what makes them to press red and carry on with what makes them to press green.

We have also built new features to manage teams in multiple countries. Globalization, current lockdowns, and new ways of working force the employers to build their teams and source talents globally. As the teams become diverse and international, so are the challenges of communicating clearly across the organisation.

Moticheck dashboard helps you to understand how your global teams are doing by filtering the results by countries. Select the US, as an example; zoom into the feedback feeding in from there across different categories and timeframes. Compare countries against each other and check their performance against the whole organisation.

For the new hires, we have updated our onboarding support functionality as a well-structured channel for the employees to share feedback about the onboarding experience. Onboarding data is visualised at Moticheck dashboard, distinct from the regular daily feedback, for the managers and the HR to learn how the organization in general is welcoming its new members.

People feel more engaged and more in charge with Moticheck!